What to do has been figured out; implementing is the hurdle

When you are a people held captive and your lands are flooded with foreigners, you got to do better than kvetch about the good old days and wish the elites felt bad for us and would make the bad people go away.

There is this idea that if we can get enough TV babies and whiggers and whigresses to feel bad about the current situation, we can turn it around and save ourselves.  But TV babies and whiggers can’t accomplish anything at all.

As long as Southeast Asians can buy up and operate the convenience stores and hotels without any competition from the natives, and take up most of the spots in STEM majors and grad school positions in the universities, we aren’t even beginning to resist.

You can learn from your enemy.  Bill Kristol is a bad man who despises people that I hold dear.  But I am not seeing that we are proving him wrong — granted that there is a lot of malign encouragement and incentives to have broken up families and TV babies.


It’s absolutely true that we are victims of divorce culture, and feminism, and bad public schools, junk food, the end of jobs for teenagers, overpriced but crap college education, and even the medicating of schoolboys for whom Ritalin is training wheels for Percosets, then heroin, then fentanyl, then embalming fluid!  People are literally dropping like flies out here from fentanyl.  It is a literal kill off, and no one seems to know what to do about it.

The old white nationalist 1.0 movement back in the 1990’s and 2000’s had a term “conditioning for death.”  It was in reference to race mixing propaganda on TV and movies.

In retrospect, we were even more right than we realized.  Children are literally groomed for doom in a whole raft of ways.  TV as a babysitter, junk food, vidya games, public school hell with peers who live in utter squalor and bring everyone down to the lowest common denominator, “equality” and “self esteem” as the ruling ideology of the public schools.

This will all go away if it’s defunded, of course.  The “groomed for doom” system that preys upon our babies is funded by deficit spending.  Let’s hope this child eating Monster runs out of gas, and soon!

But at the same time, it is a voluntary Monster.  Parents deliver their children to Moloch when they put them in front of the TV and send them to public schools and create an Idiocratic home environment.

We could choose not to deliver future generations to Moloch.  We just have to capture enough wealth to shield young families from the necessity of work, so they can stay home and raise the children away from Moloch.

Children who are delivered to adulthood without drug addiction, or obesity, or racial self hate, and in possession of physical poise and STEM and self confidence and charisma, are winning the literal Game of Life.  Moloch will barely pay attention to the homeschooled kids, as he is getting his fill of other children.

Everything is so horrible that there will absolutely be a major backlash. It is up to us to make this backlash as hard and fast and soon as possible. That it’s going to happen is a given, barring human extinction.  What we can actually accomplish is to give future generations the best tools and weapons and trade secrets possible.  Every generation will be exponentially stronger.

If the Alt Right did nothing but raise money for young white families to raise children away from the POZ, homeschooled and good at STEM and physical conditoining and thinking and a strong religion/morality, we could accomplish nothing greater.  Truly.

You should see Indians and Pakistanis owning the convenience stores and majoring in physics at US universities as an affront to you.  They are beating you, they are eating your lunch and you are letting them.  Don’t laugh at them!  They are the ones with the last laugh, rest assured!

If you are passionate about the 14 words, you had better either study math or own convenience stores, or you aren’t doing shit.  Getting good at STEM and/or owning convenience stores can fund the homeschooling families, whether your own or others, but it’s the necessary first step.

I’m unable to be interested in much else.  I feel like we are dragging our feet, doing everything but the things that can and need to be done to win.  This cyborg does not understand human caprice and distractions that are not mission oriented.


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5 Responses to What to do has been figured out; implementing is the hurdle

  1. So glad you’re back, Mindweapons. All the children in my family are now young adults who are closer to the age where they are thinking about children of their own. I am going to refer your site to them. Excellent, articulate words of wisdom. Thank you!

    • mindweapon says:

      It’s an honor, Clytemnestra.

      Just sheltering the kids from POZ while exposing them to discomfort of exercise and fight training and studying math will prepare them to dominate the Idiocracy Dystopia.

  2. “The “groomed for doom” system that preys upon our babies is funded by deficit spending. Let’s hope this child eating Monster runs out of gas, and soon!”

    An intelligent man such as yourself knows that fiat currency has no limit. People who still believe the puppet masters are driven by profit are woefully ignorant. They will spend trillions on securing their power.

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