Food engineering with chemicals and drugs; why you should switch to rice and beans and stuff you have to prepare

Mindweapons in Ragnarok

Unhealthy foods engineered to be addictive

One way we can win is by not letting ourselves or our children get poisoned by the food system. Seriously. Think about this. if everyone is getting poisoned, or almost everyone, and 1% avoid it, that 1% comes out way ahead. You can be part of this 1%!

It’s not like this information isn’t out there for the 99%. But the 99% don’t have the discipline to avoid getting poisoned. And it’ll only get worsse. THey are boiling the frog with the food system.

June 5, 2014 |
There are three reasons Americans’ love affair with snacks is growing– along with their waistlines: the ubiquity of junk food, the ubiquity of junk food advertising, and stealth food technology. People who polish off a whole bag of chips or cookies at one sitting (usually in front of TV) are often doing exactly what the product…

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