Homeschooled White kid wins Intel prize

Some more nuggets of truth from past MW posts. Reblogged by MM

Mindweapons in Ragnarok

In Californiaa homeschooled White kid named Evan O’Dorney wins the Intel prize.

I thought America didn’t produce White computer and math geniuses any more? Just ask Bill Gates. He said he needs, DESPERATELY NEEDS, “unlimited H1-B visas” because we’re too stupid here to work for him.

The fact that he is homeschooled is worth notice. I have found that just doing 1/2 hour of math a day leads to very fast progress, such as trigonometry in 4 months, even in a kid who doesn’t (or didn’t) like to do math.

The math you want to have before going to college is calculus and statistics. These two subjects winnow out a lot of students from the more challenging majors that will lead to better job prospects, such as a B.S. in Business versus a B.A. A B.S. business major crunches numbers to see if a business should get…

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