US Special Forces (Green Berets) are understaffed because of a shortage of the Competent; yet more evidence of the ruling elite’s “private jet pilot problem”

American white boys are going full Atlas Shrugged with vidya and 4chan!  They are showing their power, even by dropping out of society!  They cause the private jet pilot problem, and the ruling elites are finding that Chinese and Indians can’t really take the place of Aryan barbarians as pilots and soldiers and engineers.


A Green Beret is on Joe Rogan to talk about how all Special Forces units are supposed to be 12 men, but now they are only 10 men each, because there are far too few young men who are sufficiently intelligent, physically fit, and don’t smoke the ganja.

The purpose of this blog is to convince our people that this is an extraordinary moment in history, when the intelligent and diligent can rise to the top!

And conquer!

We can conquer now!  The field is wide open!  Nobody except Chinese and Indians are studying calculus in any significant numbers!  The door to the throne room is open, we just need to do what it takes to waltz in and seize power.

If you are a physicist/engineer with good emotional intelligence, you can be an officer that will climb the ranks very quickly.  The military is all about tech, and the physicist/engineer is the top level technician of everything.

You can also move laterally from the military to CIA or NSA.

When I was in US Army Reserve military intelligence, I used to rant to warrant officers and commissioned officers that depending on Chinese people for high level military tech dev was a national security threat.  I was called a racist, LOL:

Chinese Theft of US Navy’s Secrets Reveals DoD’s Lackadaisical Security

Yesterday brought stunning news of yet another security lapse by our Navy. As reported by The Washington Post, Chinese hackers in the first two months of this year penetrated the computers of an unnamed defense contractor, “stealing massive amounts of highly sensitive data related to undersea warfare” from the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, Rhode Island.

I warned about this through official channels, during the Clinton administration, under Defense Secretary Les Aspin.

The other side of my experience in the US Army was that they mostly overlooked my ranting and eccentricity because I was a standout Russian linguist. Most US military linguists lose their language abilities after leaving DLI.  My scores actually got better after I left DLI because I scorned American girls and only dated Russian immigrant babes.  I also was constantly reading Russian literature and periodicals and watching Russian TV when I could get access to it.

So I saw with my very own eyes how the US military suffers from Idiocracy.  My fellow Russian linguists were not language enthusiasts, they were Monterey California enthusiasts.  They were anti-intellectual and hated me for being an enthusiastic Russian language learner.

What I describe with my Army Russian linguist experience is a microcosm of America’s problem as a whole — anti-intellectualism.  Idiocracy as a social norm.

H1-B visa workers are a symptom of this problem.  Corporate America fell out of love with American workers, and found new mistresses of high skilled labor from abroad.  But it turns out that Patel and Mohsen don’t make for Green Berets, or G-4 private jet pilots.

The absence of Whitey will become more and more acute.  We must leverage this!

Every white nationalist man must become a super-competent individual — physicist, engineer, helicopter and airplane mechanic, helicopter and airplane pilot, Green Beret, Navy Seal, software developer, robotics and automation developer, and so on.

It all comes back to doing math and physical training and tinkering with gizmos and gadgets and cars and motorcycles, and perhaps learning foreign languages.

Be a doer, not a passive consumer of shows, or a dweller in fake virtual video game worlds.  There is a world outside that needs conquering, and we are still the best suited to this job.

I do math/physics/electronics tinkering 1-3 hours a day and if you want to take up the white man’s burden of STEM and conquest with me, I can assist you via Skype and email.  I can get you started with the best books, and get you “unstuck” when you get stuck on a math problem.

It all begins with math.

Algebra and TrigonometryAlgebra and Trigonometry


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13 Responses to US Special Forces (Green Berets) are understaffed because of a shortage of the Competent; yet more evidence of the ruling elite’s “private jet pilot problem”

  1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    YouTube was down for an hour a few days ago. I wonder if it had to do with some sloppy incompetence.

    • mindweapon says:

      How’s the geometry coming? I’m encountering a lot of geometry and trigonometry in my study of physics.

      I wish I could get on more podcasts or livestreams like JF Gariepy. This is, I believe, the single most important idea of our movement right now and I’m unable to publicize it.

      I’ve already accomplished real things based on this idea, too. I can’t go into detail, but I have already leveraged the decline and conquered my own little niche, and I’m continuing to expand this conquest.

      In short, what I’m advocating is already proven to work in the real world.

      What I really want us to accomplish is to get thousands of white boys in STEM majors to show up to university massively over prepared, break the grading curve, and make life difficult for the foreign STEM majors at American universities. When foreign students are complaining about American white boys breaking the curve and busting the foreign students for cheating, you know we’re absolutely going to win. But until then, I don’t know. TV babies get nothing done of value.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        I am sad to say I have not made the study of geometry a habit yet.

      • mindweapon says:

        I did an hour of physics already. Vectors Now I am exercising

      • mindweapon says:

        Belly dancing will help you excrete tension and cultivate positively charged qi energy, which in turn clears your mind for math meditation.

        One thing I learned from the Chinamen is that qigong and meditation and math go together Math is a higher meditation from the “clear your mind” type meditation . Clearing the mind is the means to the end of math meditation.

        Meditating on the mathematics and physical laws of Nature is the highest meditation one can practice.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        What I really want us to accomplish is to get thousands of white boys in STEM majors to show up to university massively over prepared, break the grading curve, and make life difficult for the foreign STEM majors at American universities.

        Just two problems with that:  getting admitted, and paying for it.  Admissions heavily favors minorities, females and foreign students who pay full tuition, and the White boys who can’t get scholarship money won’t be able to pay off their student loans working at jobs with wages depressed by H-1Bs.

        Besides, engineering isn’t where the power is.  Executives and bankers tell engineers what to do.  If you want power, the best route is probably ROTC to the officer corps and retire to a career as an exec.  Study engineering in school but plan to be an exec.

    • mindweapon says:

      Here’s a link for you i forget in last comment.

      That will help you shit out black qi and negative karma, making room for the divine.

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  3. Baron Julius Evola says:

    Very pertinent article for me MW, I was thinking about joining Nat Guard as either an 11B grunt or Military Intel. Which would you recommend, do you get a good amount of combat training in MI?

  4. Heimdall says:

    Do we have like Slack channel or Disqus for this? I am interested.

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