Amy Goodman and another yenta are triggered AF by Trump

These people are so self absorbed and live in a privileged bubble.

Edit – – in my comment below I wrote that these yentas have not yet experienced the private jet pilot problem. I was wrong!  Listen to them kvetching and kvelling about the unenthusiastic police response, who probably thought it was a “Hey rabbi, whatcha doin'” scenario.



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7 Responses to Amy Goodman and another yenta are triggered AF by Trump

  1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    I got through one minute of it. If these people were really afraid they be making plans to move to Israel. They’re not afraid. They are just tightening the screws.

    • mindweapon says:

      I posted it because it shows how arrogant and self absorbed they are. Amy Goodman has not yet been confronted with the private jet pilot problem, but it is only a matter of time.

      It would appear that the Jews hold the high cards on us, but the white constructed civilization upon which they depend is running on fumes. Jews from 50 years ago understood this. Their grandchildren have forgotten.

      As I say, if you are a White nationalist, become the most competent man you can be, or help our young men to be such.

      I am paying for a friend’s 11 year old son to get extra math tutoring at the Russian school of mathematics. What my friend is telling his son is that he will be able to skip hundreds of boring hours of math classroom time by getting way ahead in math and studying on his own. Also, his school will treat him like a prodigy and he’ll be put in with the smartest kids.

      The Left is going to bring down the hammer on us. It can make us stronger if we face the repression with quiet resolve and patience. The repression will run it’s course, and we will still be executing our plan of leveraging the decline and making the private jet pilot problem as severe as possible for the hostile elites.

  2. Henry H. Pinkham says:

    About “die ou antie en die kroeskop jodin”.
    This seems to me to be a very amateurish “Hey, Rabbi” effort, capitalizing on the recent synagogue shooting. The writing on the (inner) walls INSIDE the building is also quite suspicious.
    Forget it, yidesses (i am sorry, I can’t call you ladies}. Your hostile hate spewing is NOT convincing anyone!

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