2018 is a great current year, the “dirty tricks” probate judge who doxxed me, fails to win a second term

This blog went dark for a while after my wife ran for probate judge and her opponent’s camp doxxed me just before the election and so Andrea won dirty.

She was expected to easily win the 2018 election   She didn’t.  It’s a huge and unexpected upset.

Unexpected, unless you consider that voters had 4 years to reflect on using political correctness to attack a family in order to win a minor municipal political office.

Gott mit uns.


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7 Responses to 2018 is a great current year, the “dirty tricks” probate judge who doxxed me, fails to win a second term

  1. Glad to hear that. I think the doxxing was only getting started back then and, four years later, popl have had a bellyful. In any case, so glad that Andrea was voted out and that she has no springboard to higher positions of power.

    • mindweapon says:

      When they did that to my little family, it enraged God. In 2016, Trump was elected, and in 2018, the dirty trickster was cast out of her ill gotten office. Also, this used to be a safely “blue” area. Now Republicans win the state legislative offices except for the state senator. The only reason our state senator is a Dem is because her district includes Hispanic dominated Willimantic and the main UConn campus at Storrs-Mansfield.

      The people here love Trump and hate liberals now.

  2. Kut it out says:

    Please, never stop blogging. No matter how hard the haters push. It sucks they went after your family. Low move. I found you about two years ago and I’ve been slowly reading through the archives. I need more time!

    • mindweapon says:

      Thank you. I can save you reading the archives. I distilled the timely and needed knowledge information and calls to action.

      My call to action is to practice a reverse spell against the Idiocracy.

      Imagine that TV is mind control witchcraft used against us to purposely dumb us down and create a nation of tatted up obese opiate addicted tv babies.

      Do the reverse. Be mentally and physically rigorous and active and diligent. Study calculus and Newtonian mechanics, and do tai chi and qigong and yoga. Math and qigong magnify each other and balance each other. I find math study a form of deep meditation. Teaching yourself calculus requires deep meditation.

      This is the real limitless pill.

  3. Mr. Rational says:

    Welcome back.  You were missed.

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