Mind War is a Time Machine for manipulating the Future using Economics as a Heuristic

Mind War is a branch of economics, because it is about affecting the sum of our decisions.  Economics is all about decision trees of tradeoffs and opportunity costs.

The sum of our decisions, plus Fate, puts us in our present condition, for good or bad.

We do not know how we affect Fate, or if we do, but we can work to manipulate the Sums of our Decisions.

Thinking about the Sums of Decisions is what our enemies mastered while we have failed.  It is economics applied to our lives. We can make decisions about our lives by manipulating the sums of our decisions.

What does it mean to think in terms of the Sums of our Decisions?

It means to question everything possible about our lives, starting with Thermodynamics, our biochemistry, our diet, our pollutants and what they may be doing to us, and the web of daily habits we have.

Considering that we are under the threat of white genocide and dispossession and mass humiliation, a truly radical and effective response must include an inventory of our daily habits.

Are we TV babies or are we men?  The TV baby tendency has been given an incredible head start, but a bad tendency can be self corrected by a force of will fueled by the horror of white genocide.

Horror.  Horror has a face, and you must make a friend of horror.  Horror, and moral terror, are your friends.  If they are not, then they are enemies to be feared.

If a path to the better there be, it exacts a full look at the worst.

Why did philosophers keep a skull in their study?  To always remind them of their own mortality..

But perhaps that skull in your philosopher’s study, is the skull of a man who changed his daily habits to be more powerful, and thereby manipulated the future?

The person belonging to the skull himself had a skull in his philosopher’s study, and understood that life was short and the mission urgent.  And so he acted upon his memento moritui, his knowledge of his own mortality, and did things to manipulate the future.

Manipulating the Future is the Superhuman Power.  Ask the Chinese, who plan ahead for centuries.

The Chinese are better about memento moritui, with all their future-concern, than we are!  American TV babies totally live for today.

You must extirpate the TV baby, and organize your life around building a Time machine to manipulate the future for the bettermen of our biological collective.

They have backed us into a corner.  We either become great men, or we get exterminated.

To become great men we must change our daily habits so that they maximally manipulate the Future.

Cognitive enhancement exercises bulk up your brain the way lifting weights bulks up your body.  The Chinese put in thousands of hours of math by age 18, they are brain-jacked and we aren’t.

We got to get brain-jacked or we’re fucking dead, guys.  Getting brain-jacked is how we  BTFO the Future to our favor.

I did physics for 2 hours and calc for an hour today.  Might do more later as well.  Also I’m doing hobby electronics with Arduino and the CIE electronics course.  It goes together very well with studying math and physics.  I’m giving myself an expensive STEM education for about 4,000 dollars spread over 3 years.

Tradesmen should learn physics, and physicists should learn trades.

Your effort and your hours is your real tuition.

We can prove to the world that colleges and universities aren’t real, goy.  They are an expensive lot of nothing.  We can teach our Folk to self teach themselves 95% of the way, and negotiate cheap prices with the educational system to get their credentials, or even go around them.  IF you can get an engineering license without having a degree, you’re all set.

So we take over the world and crash the college/university system, WITH NO SURVIVORS by propagating a cult of self teaching.

As the Idiocracy gets worse, competent people will be the coin of the realm.  We will be organically important to society.  And if we are ideologically and racially united, then we can leverage our Competence for political powerand social clout and legal reform.

They legalized marijuana.

We are going to legaliz being white.  Legalizing being white means giving back our sovereignty, separation and independence, so we can heal ourselves.

Forced integration and the Cultural Marxist agenda has made us a sick, heroin addicted, obese, dumbed down people.  We need to be free to be alone among our own kind exclusively, in order to heal ourselves.  Racemixing faggotry and tranny’ism and so on and so on, to degeneracy to infinity, has made us sick and dying.

Civillization will die with us, just so you know.  Mad Max is actually pretty tame compared to how it’s really going to be when civilization goes to shit.  The top guys promoting degeneracy know this; the liberal useful idiots do not.

The top guys want to promote maximum degeneracy.  The question is, “why?”

My answer:  Entertainment Value.

Mass rape in Cologne and grooming in Rotherham is the 21st century version of gladiatorial games for these sadistic sons of bitches.

Seriously..  That’s why they move a million migrants into Europe.  Mass rape is entertaining and titillating to them.  The pain of white people losing our civilization is like blood to Dracula.  They drink our white tears, and adrenochrome.

The turning kids to trannies shit is child sacrifice.  They teach that everything “liberal” is “good” and “nice” and the opposite is “mean” and “hateful” and “intolerant.”  Next thing they got a male toddler putting on makeup and calling himself a “drag kid.” They already have “the amazing desmond” on youtube.  This is child sacrifice, make no mistake.

Degeneracy is an exponential function, and the fucker just took off into the stratosphere.

However, we white men, we are The Most Dangerous Game.  We might get sick of being tortured for Entertainment Value. We might fight back.

And that’s the other side of the coin. The fight is what makes it all interesting to the Masters of the World, whoever they are.  Wars, conflicts, trolling, Trump getting elected, is all just entertainment to them.  Sometimes the show goes in our favor, like Trump getting elected.  This is highly entertaining to the Masters, despite the fact they backed Hillary.

The fight produces Great Men who step up and go to war against the vampires feeding off of suffering.  Perhaps it’s all just blast furnace for the forging of Great Men, because the gods are bored.

And so let us be the purest ore of Great Men in this blast furnace.



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5 Responses to Mind War is a Time Machine for manipulating the Future using Economics as a Heuristic

  1. Mr. Rational says:

    I did my calc starting in 11th grade.  I have some use for it now but not much.  What I wish I understood better at the moment is physical chemistry.  I’ve been picking through bits and parts of stuff but it’s slow going.  Ironically, calculus now informs my fiction more than my real-world investigations.  How strange is that?

    • mindweapon says:

      Quantitative science seems to boost the IQ, like a nootropic.

    • mindweapon says:

      Spending hours a day doing math and physics problems makes you more like a cyborg.

      I’m officially founding a sect of Buddhism. Terminator Buddhism. We turn ourselves into mission oriented physically fit STEM expertise emotionless Terminator men. Our mission is to terminate globohomo.

  2. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    You describe the horror of it all so well. Reminds me of the book and movie, The Running Man and also the Hunger Games.

  3. I know you are big into math and physics, MW, but I have a little literature assignment – it’s a short story and I hope you find it so interesting that you dedicate an article to it. The name of the assignment is Barn Burning by William Faulkner.

    The reason why I bring this up is you said something about “legalizing Whiteness” and then you talk about how a jaded elite are getting their kicks by torturing Heritage Whites. Well, I think the key is to take the fight back to the enemy by using the weapons and even the language of the enemy. I’ll elaborate on this later.

    But first, I would like as many readers of this blog as possible to read that short story to see if they take away what I did – even on first impression and later, on steroids – when I read it.

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