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Tim Wise calls for denazification of the planet, lol

Tim, Denazification was an atrocity committed against the German people after World War II.  Of course, it was an age of atrocities; it was one among many. But it was not justified by 2018 standards or done in any way … Continue reading

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Keoni writes: Kill Your Television — vulture of critique

Keoni wrote: For many years, I used to refer to the infernal idiot box as the “Tell-a-Vision.” It was a term I cribbed from Nancy Levant, authoress of The Cultural Devastation of American Women. She was one of the first … Continue reading

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Future orientation is anti-Idiocracy

In the old days they had work houses and town farms to absorb and function as in loco parentis to chronological adults who are still mental children I see in the works of our New England forebears a focus on … Continue reading

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