Future orientation is anti-Idiocracy

In the old days they had work houses and town farms to absorb and function as in loco parentis to chronological adults who are still mental children

I see in the works of our New England forebears a focus on future orientation   They tried to design systems that would maximize our evolutionary fitness.  TV managed to destroy their hard work, but we can undo the TV baby Idiocracy and take back what’s ours from the usurpers.

To connect with our venerable ancestors, we live in a low time preference Future Orientation

The future oriented man sees his life as an opportunity for greatness  Not a guarantee of greatness.  Just a chance.

The possibility of greatness is intoxicatingly motivating, and every day that I do things for the future possibility of a great achievement that pays into the future and confounds the evil schemes of our occult tribal adversary.

If you are training and studying every day, you have a right to delusions of grandeur.  Many men with delusions of grandeur achieved greatness, after all.

Delusions of grandeur increase your endurance and capacity for suffering and discomfort.  The smell of winning is like blood in the water.  Keep swimming quietly toward that salty scent.


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2 Responses to Future orientation is anti-Idiocracy

  1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    I’m a woman so I’m just sharing my thoughts.

    I’m so far from greatness. It makes me sad. I don’t watch television but the internet can suck up too much of my attention if I’m not careful. I definitely steer clear of the gossipy websites. They are not worthy of our time.

    I have a couple of small businesses that have taught me a lot. The learning needed for the second business I started this year has taken up a lot of my time and mental energy.

    Hopefully in 2019 I’ll be able to get it more on autopilot mentally so I can try to learn some math. The hard part for me is not getting bored and starting another business. That’s a form of degeneracy I think.

    Thanks for writing MW. You manage to say so much with so few words.

    • mindweapon says:

      You have made survival in California into a high art. I’m quite impressed how you are able to live among the super rich. I’m stuck in poor land.

      Being in poor land turned out to be an advantage in that so many people have dropped out of life that I was able to leverage the decline.

      If you lived in my area I could put you to use in leveraging the decline and contributing to greatness.

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