Tim Wise calls for denazification of the planet, lol



Denazification was an atrocity committed against the German people after World War II.  Of course, it was an age of atrocities; it was one among many. But it was not justified by 2018 standards or done in any way properly to influence people.

On the one hand, Americans were pissed because they had just fought a horrendously difficult war and took many, many casualties. So there was revenge momentum on the part of the American goyim, and Jews encouraged it and maximized it.  Revenge is a Jewish value but it is also a sin. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. Human vengeance might not be justified or based on Truth.

Also, the German people had enjoyed pretty soft living among their own kind in white homogeneous Juden-Frei environment.  Life under National Socialism for civilans was pretty fucking sweet, and it made them soft and vulnerable to guilt tripping.

Nowadays, if you attempted to do denazification, the people who would do it and believe in it would be retard tier and they would destroy the credibility of the effort.  The well paid professionals doing it would be horribly demoralized, like working in a slaughterhouse. Some would turn against it, and traitors can destroy an institution. That’s humanities defense against evil institutions — traitors and whistleblowers and saboteurs.

On the other side, it’s a 4chan world out there.  You could torture and deprive 4channers and they would just want to gas the jews even more than they did before.

In short, denazification would have the exact opposite of the desired effect.  It would be Nazification, because it’s focusing on the Jew/Nazi binary, and people would understand that Jews were torturing them for being Nazis even though they didn’t origianlly consider themselves .Nazis.  I am a Nazi because Jews made me one, by trying to politically correct my thoughts and by tikkun olamming my social and cultural environment.

You should let people forget about the Jew/Nazi binary.  You might not like which side they pick, after all.



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10 Responses to Tim Wise calls for denazification of the planet, lol

  1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Yeah the Jews probably could have kept ripping us off for a few more centuries but pea-brains like little Timmy want to get in on the action too.

    See, he’s not smart enough to work in the financial field, not hard-working or creative enough to produce anything. So he takes a lazy job as a writer beating up on white people.

    I guess he’s from the old school and thought no one would ever figure out he was Jewish with his “fellow white people” schtick.

    I can’t wait to see his puny shrunken head on a stick.

    • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

      Obviously I’m not promoting violence. I think blacks would get to him before we would though. They hate Jews more than we do and they are far more prone to violence.

  2. Mr. Curious says:

    In a Dane world, but in a world where msm is controlled by hostile elite + female suffrage, (((Weiss))) can prolly use PC for s soft White Genocude

  3. I wonder why, after enduring centuries of “Anti-Semites” vandalizing their properties, a genius race like the Ashkenazis STILL haven’t figured out a way to install motion-detectors and cameras and silent alarms that would literally catch the perpetrators of any more Anti-Jewish atrocities in the act!

    Isn’t part and parcel of the United States’ “special relationship” with the Great and Holy State of Israel the fact that we rely on them for security, intelligence and other high-tech machines designed to fight evil?

    Great Balls of Fire, Tim. Instead of lambasting the vast majority of people who have better things to do late at night than skulk around Jewish properties and post signs and swastikas to “terrorize” them, dip into those shekels and install a good security system! Geeze.

  4. Color me shocked (sarcasm button/off). I have a theory that, even if these Anti-Semitic attacks are real and verifiable, Jews don’t want the minority of Gentiles who engage in these hijinks caught, because they are really into Collective Guilt in a big way.

    I mean, these are the idiots who assigned collective guilt to themselves down through their generations for the execution of Jesus Christ!

    “Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children!”
    Matthew 27:25

    Any one else at the time, and I don’t care if they were a Hamite or a Japhethite … and I know of no other Semites would think of thumbing their nose at someone who might be a god and inite them to blame their children as well for offending said deity. Only the Jews. Dumbasses.

    Anyway, there is obviously a big payoff to allowing a handful of perpetrators or a single perpetrator never be identified and caught when you can assign collective guilt to your racial enemies and exact vengeance through “De-Nazification.”

    The police, the politicians, and other authorities can’t do so without a lot of providing from the Usual Suspects, i.e. US, but I think, as a matter of course, any time some new evidence of “Anti-Semitism” comes to fore, we need to converge on the comments of every news agency with the innocent and logical question:

    John Q. Public: Well, surely their motion detectors and security cameras caught the perpetrators on tape. What did they find on their video or DVD archives?

    Victimized Rabbi: We didn’t have any.

    John Q Public: What do you mean you didn’t have any. Haven’t there been months of news coverage by every XYZ quasi-official Jewish organization about rising Anti-Semitism? Why didn’t you pay attention to them and install security “just in case?”

    Here we point out that no other country than Israel specializes in security and surely the victimized Jewish Disapora would be entitled to some kind of “family discount” unavailable to Gentiles by their Israeli cousins in exchange for their patronage.

    Every time some Jewish synagogue or cemetery or property is vandalized by “Anti-Semitics,” I see a hole big enough for a Mack Truck to drive in through for this line of inquiry. Instead, I see Gentile authorities crawling, groveling and issuing all kinds of threats against “Anti-Semites” only to drop the whole matter when we discover who the perp really is.

    I call Bravo Sierra on that little okie-dokie. We all need to scream about habitual victims of so-called White Supremacist Hatred not having security to catch the criminals. Unlike the Jews who crucified Jesus, we Gentiles never volunteered for Collective Guilt. It’s time to push back and force these professional victims to take responsibility for their own safety and security the way we’ve had to since our neighborhoods were enriched, thanks to their antics by Vibrant Diversity.

  5. Stef says:


    Gott introduced me to you over a decade ago, we recorded a few podcasts (crudely) around that time. I was a student back then, now I am a father and would like to pick your brain about raising a child in Amerikwa.

    All the best sir, hope you are well.

  6. mindweapon says:

    Definitely. Get in touch. Email me at robwinfield35 at gee mail dot com

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