The screen free community is the utopian experiment of the future

There have been experiments in utopian living.

  • Brook Farm (1841-1846): The Transcendentalist Romance. Site of Brook Farm in West Roxbury, Massachusetts. …
  • Fruitlands (1843-1844): The Farm Without Farmers. …
  • New Harmony (1825-1829): The Boatload of Knowledge. …
  • Oneida (1848−1881): The Complex Marriage. …
  • The Shakers (1745-): The Simple Life.

The problem with these communities is that they expected to create some kind of perfected community in their little world.  They wanted to shut out the outside world and retreat from it, and confine themselves to a few powerless acres.

The screen free eugenicist community will raise children with the intent of sending them out into the world and conquering it.  It is about breeding and rearing Napoleons, Genghis Khans, Werner Von Brauns, Henry Fords.  And plenty of just regular, well adjusted, smart kids who grow up to have a good influence on the world.

Though they will be screen free, there will be wandering out into the world, visiting cities, going skiing, bicycling, surfing.  They will of course meet friends and go to their house and there’s TV’s at the friends house.  That’s fine, though they must remain parent oriented and not become peer oriented.

The most sure way to raise kids above the POZ is to raise them to be conquerors, to be dominant, to win.

These days, it’s conqueror, or overdosed junkie in a ditch.  There’s no comfortable middle any more.  This is all the more so with children.  It might be, that the only way to ensure the survival of the next generation is to raise them to be conquerors.  Everyone else ends up overdosed trannies.

So this is what we got to do.  Maybe in the USA, maybe in Russia, maybe in Hungary.

The community will retreat from the world in the sense of consuming mass media, but it will be involved in the engineering of the world.  We will support ourselves by being high tech companies and trades companies.  We’ll build robots and repair apartment buildings and have farms.  The children will be put to work when there is planting, weeding, harvesting. Everything that’s not automated will use child labor.

The children will read newspaper articles to know what’s happening in the world, and some who seem to have the aptitude and loyalty will be raised as spies.  They will know to go out in the world and hide their true selves in order to carry out their directives.

Ultimately, the kids will do what they please if and when they go out in the world, but by raising them screen free, they will be so alien to the obese, addicted TV babies of the world, that they will always feel a kinship to the screen free eugenicist community.  The world outside will be the Idiocracy Dystopia, and the screen free community is a slice of heaven, above the POZ.


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7 Responses to The screen free community is the utopian experiment of the future

  1. Marcua A says:

    My sister’s kids were pretty much screen free. They turned into zombies when they were expressed to TV or the internet.

    Much like kids who are shielded from sugar or alcohol, many go nuts when they get a taste. Better to expose in small quantities, and teach to discern junk from quality. We always got two fingers of wine, so it was less of a shock when able to consume alcohol.

    • mindweapon says:

      They’ll get it at friend’s houses.

      My daughter was raised screen free in her own house. The difference between her and her TV baby peers is that she has initiative and ambition.

      So no worries, they’ll get to look at the TV at friend’s houses when they are probably pre-teen age.

      Also, were your sister’s kids given lots of things to do like gymnastics piano soccer and math?

    • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

      I hear this all the time that your kids will go crazy if you’re a good parent.

      Why do we rarely if ever hear of kids with crappy parents rebelling against their crappy upbringing?

  2. It sounds like an awesome idea. I knew a woman who refused to get cable, but her husband and son rebelled. But the problem was that she did not have her son engaged in a lot of activities. They were living in a trailer out in the country and the poor kid didn’t have other kids to play with.

    So, I think that to successfully go screen-free, you better fill your home with lots of books and have lots of activities lined up for the kids to learn. Of course, it would be best if you could form a community with lots of like-minded parents with active children in close distance of your home.

    • mindweapon says:

      That’s why we need to live in or near major metropolitan areas. There’s plenty of private educational opportunities far superior to public schools like this

      Sewing woodworking astronomy ham radio and electronics, robotics and automation math tutoring and even physics classes! Affordable and highly competent and very nice people!

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