The nationalist movement (that) has swept much of rural America

I remember when liberals taunted us about white nationalists being a small minority of whites.

They aren’t laughing any more


The same study found that these participants viewed immigrants moving into their neighborhood as an existential threat. These experimental findings show that fear creates aggression, and aggression creates more fear. This establishes a self-amplifying feedback loop that leads to a kind of mass hysteria and collective anger, which is what fuels the unconditional loyalty of Trump supporters. It is also what fuels the bigotry and racism we are seeing with the nationalist movement that has swept much of rural America.

We have arrived!  This is our time now!

Idiocracy Dystopia is failing.  Weak men (passive aggressive kvetching and cheating nebbishes), create hard times.

Hard times create strong men.

It is up to you to be the strong men. The world will be at the feet of the strong men.

Strength, as I define it, is one who does fight training and studies and works in STEM.

The community colleges have associate degrees in mechatronix, manufacturing engineering.

Learn calculus and physics from problem solvers and Schaums books, then this book for associates  degree level engineering

Introduction to Engineering Analysis

Then, when you actually set foot on campus, you will be superbly prepared.

I have found out that factories are hiring associate degree level engineers. When you graduate and get a job, keep studying   When there’s nothing to do at work  study engineering books that can be plausibly related to your job.  Two birds one stone – you look busy and you’re getting paid to learn more STEM.   And daily practice on math and engineering problems will make you sharper at your job

The time will come for the strong men to be gathered and start our own Trades/STEM guild.  Trades and STEM must be unified into one guild.  Every HVAC tech and plumber learns his trade to the level of engineer, and perhaps learns astronomy or particle physics for fun.

The Guild will be a reservoir of competence, from carpenters to airframe and powerplant mechanics.  New guys will have to do self study to a high level before they go to the trade school or engineering major.

We will push out the companies that use H1-B visas. We will be the Men of the Mind, as Ayn Rand envisioned in Atlas Shrugged.


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9 Responses to The nationalist movement (that) has swept much of rural America

  1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:


    It’s no time to be Black Pilled. Let the hate fuel your ambition.

  2. Mr. Rational says:

    The problem with this is finding ways to get around the EEOC.  Actually testing for competence has “disparate impact”, as cities who have tried to keep some level of relevant expertise in their firefighters have found.  Pushing out libturds and soyboys is one thing, but guilds will no more be able to keep out the muds than unions can.

    The enforcement arm of die-versitopia is going to have to collapse before this will work, and there’s no telling how much else will collapse with it.  Look at Venezuela; Maduro is still alive and in charge.  It’s going to get much worse before it gets better.

    • Rob says:

      It’s going to be a self teaching organization with access to a technical library, laboratories, and instructors for guidance and getting the self teaching student unstuck when he doesn’t understand something. It will be totally private

      It will feed an employment agency for tradesmen and engineers. The diversitopian authorities want potable water, a reliable electric grid and so on. This will be our leverage as the Men of the Mind.

  3. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    I guess we’ll be prepping ourselves and our families for when things fall apart.

    The country of South Africa, “Africa’s most developed economy” can’t even keep their electricity on post apartheid LOL.

    And I want to mention that there are still plenty of White men in Murka with good jobs. Part of Mindweaponization is not to believe all the doomsayers and forge ahead after doing your research.

    The kikes have been using psy ops for decades to convince White men that they have no future so they’ll give up. The worse thing men can do is believe them.

    Finally, we must all be mentally flexible IN CASE something happens to the the fields we’re in, and we need to pivot into something new.

  4. Quinn Dolan says:

    Whats your Email? Rob I was wondering if joining the military is a good idea now or stay in community college that I have 0 motivation to study

  5. Jason says:

    Nice idea. Needs networking to work well. I’m always up for a beer if anyone is in my area.

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