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Napoleon versus Snowball is K selection versus r selection and a metaphor for Total Aryan Victory through high investment parenting

r selection Ecology selection occurring when a population isfar below the carrying capacity of anunstable environment: tends to favor individuals that reproduce early, quickly,and in large numbers so as to make useof ephemeral resources and ensure thatat least some offspring survive. r selection is low investment parenting.  It is rabbit parenting, deer parenting.  However, wild herbivores will try to defend their young.  r selected humans graze on peaceful pastures of high fructose … Continue reading

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The secret to raising mentally healthy children – hikes and play time in the woods every day

Yesterday I visited a friend in northern New England.  We hiked up a forested mountain, and found a pristine, spring fed pond on the other side of the mountain. No boats, no houses, no other people.  Just water and woods … Continue reading

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History and development of my ideas

I was in Russia in 1995 and I was struck by how proficient people were at things like violin and piano and gymnastics and a physics. I was taking violin lessons from a graduate of the Moscow conservatory.  Her name … Continue reading

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What is “intelligence” in the spy agency sense, and why the CIA is a broken organization

Intelligence, in the context of the CIA, MI-6, KGB and so on, is a branch of practical philosophy, armed.  The director of the CIA is supposed to ask “first questions,” but political and budgetary pressures get in the way. This … Continue reading

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Amherst physics professor; Memorization and repetition without full understanding works as long as you persist

Physics professor on memorization and repetition For truth to tell, in college I never felt fully comfortable in most of the courses I was taking. Always I felt that yes, I was doing the homework, and yes I was getting … Continue reading

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The vulnerability inherent in Liberalism, hidden in plain sight

I have a particular set of skills, fam.  I am able to identify vulnerabilities in a social system. Vulnerabilities that are as plain as day to me, but everyone else misses them. The, apparently an opinion and lifestyle site … Continue reading

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