Napoleon versus Snowball is K selection versus r selection and a metaphor for Total Aryan Victory through high investment parenting

r selection


selection occurring when a population isfar below the carrying capacity of anunstable environment: tends to favor individuals that reproduce early, quickly,and in large numbers so as to make useof ephemeral resources and ensure thatat least some offspring survive.
r selection is low investment parenting.  It is rabbit parenting, deer parenting.  However, wild herbivores will try to defend their young.  r selected humans graze on peaceful pastures of high fructose corn syrup

Snowball advocates for infinite abundance for the adult animals.    He promises a 4 day week, a 3 day week, and a one day week to the animals.  This might be harmful to future generations.  r selection is child abuse and neglect by hominid standards.

K selection


selection occurring when a population is at or near the carrying capacity of theenvironment, which is usually stable:tends to favor individuals thatcompete for resources andproduce few, slowly developing young,and results in a stable population oflong-lived individuals.Compare rselection.

K selection is high investment parenting.  It is eagle parenting, wolf parenting, gorilla parenting.  K parents not only protect their offspring with extreme prejudice (kill the threat), they raise weaponized offspring. Predators are weaponized animals.

Napoleon’s Dogs represent weaponized offspring.  Napoleon is actually the good guy in animal farm because even though he’s a fat degenerate hog, he’s raising “dogs” that will be worthy of their inheritance.  The dogs and the pigs both represent human archetypes, the generation after the pigs will be dogs. After all, notice that the pigs have no pig offspring?  The dogs are their offspring.



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