The secret to raising mentally healthy children – hikes and play time in the woods every day

Yesterday I visited a friend in northern New England.  We hiked up a forested mountain, and found a pristine, spring fed pond on the other side of the mountain. No boats, no houses, no other people.  Just water and woods and a granite ledge in full sun as a platform for fishing and swimming.

Going up the mountain was Parkour, clambering over boulders, dodging fallen trees, vaulting over rotting logs on the ground.

This would inspire natural gymnastics for the kids.  I believe in formal gymnastics training, and daily hiking up mountains would challenge the kids to practice the skills they learned in the gymnastics school.

After a day of having a vast and beautiful wilderness as a playground, the kids will be calm and well behaved. They will have the state of mind for book learning, working out geometric proofs, jujitsu and muy Thai, and piano lessons.

They will not need Ritalin.  They will know how to make themselves ecstatically happy by running up a mountain and searching for an occult pristine fishing hole.  Even if they experiment with drugs, they won’t fall in love with drugs like TV babies do.

Why are our children not learning?  Because they are mentally unhealthy.  They are mood disordered, and it’s not their fault.  Screen time, public schools, and riding in motor vehicles is 99% of their life experience.

Mental health is a precursor to intellectual curiosity.  You have to fix mental and emotional health first.

Running around in the woods is the natural remedy to childhood mood disorders.


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