Connecting dots

Single mom households are the feedstock of LGBT movement.  They are being bribed and lured in, recruited.  Because they bring their…kids.

Another dot I connected.  People don’t watch mass media anymore, so they are sexualizing children to capture a certain market share.  That’s how to understand the drag kid phenomenon. They are desperate for eyeballs, and if they need to go to the gutter to get those eyeballs, they will.

That’s how you can know they are losing and dying. They project it back on us, and many naive people accept the ridiculous idea of “acquiescing to extinction.”. But it is they who are dying, not us.

To choose life, you must choose strength, and strength is acquired through effort and struggle.  Let them die. We choose to live vigorously!


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8 Responses to Connecting dots

  1. Baron Evola says:

    Good article MW,

    Have been living pretty positively lately. Exercise, healthy diet, waking up early, and reading. I have been reading Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life. Any thoughts on Peterson?

  2. WangoTango says:

    They certainly don’t seem to be dying, but they do look to be killing us. As for single mothers; they have been a total disaster. The ones I’ve known have all been either lost, or overwhelmed. With little exception, most chose their fate. As for drag kids, didn’t we used to scorn the Afghans for just such a thing not more than a decade ago?

  3. Baron Evola says:

    Hey MW,

    With all the WordPress censorship do you see anything bigger coming down the pipes, besides censorship? Like martial law, economic downturn?

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