Four pillars of homeschooling

1. Both parents at home.

2. Parents learn to teach themselves, and train the children to self teach right from the beginning.

3. Emphasis on math

4. Daily outside time for several hours, to prevent mood disorders and facilitate calmness and intellectual curiosity. Understimulation and a calm environment, as Waldorf schools do


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2 Responses to Four pillars of homeschooling

  1. Mr. Rational says:

    I’d add languages to your emphasis on math.

    It is very difficult to learn new languages past childhood.  If you’re going to really learn classical Greek, Latin, modern derivatives like French, Russian or Mandarin it is best to start young while the language-acquisition pathways are still fresh.

    Teach not just science, but also mythology and fairy tales.  Put down that foundation of ideas and referents that the culture is based on.

  2. Rob says:

    I agree but math is so important I don’t want to dilute the message.

    We aren’t getting elbowed out of the middle class by indians for lack of foreign language ability, but for lack of STEM ability.

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