Either you will be your child’s taskmaster, or your child will be your taskmaster; the case for proactive training up of children

Moms have been faced with a certain avoidable problem for decades:

“Mommy I’m bored!”

This a result of lazy, distracted parenting.

I never had that problem with my daughter until her teenage years.  When my daughter from infancy to about 13 years old, I always had something for her to do, whether it was housework, toys, books, gardening, going to the playground, going to gymnastics, soccer league, piano, studying math.

In her teen years, the immigrants had stolen the jobs traditionally reserved for American teenagers, so she was bored in the summers. When she finally got a job at 17 she really shined, but it was a tragedy and a social crime against American kids that she didn’t have summer jobs starting at 11 years old.

Young mothers want to post selfies in Facebook or talk to their girlfriends or whatever, and don’t want to deal with their kids so they give their kids unlimited screen time in the hope the kid will leave her alone to her vain and shallow pursuits.

The kids end up bored and discontented with screen time and complain of boredom.  And then there’s screaming and psychiatric diagnoses and Ritalin to shut the damn kid up.

That’s trash parenting, and it’s ubiquitous.

Old time parenting kept the kids busy helping out with housework, and when the kids were released from chores, they were very quiet lest they be given more chores. They played with toys or played outside. “I’m bored” was not a thing.

High investment parenting should include some chores, 30 Saxon math problems first thing in the morning, gymnastics, dance, soccer, competitive swimming, jujitsu and muy Thai, and piano and singing lessons.

Children raised like that will be too busy to trouble you with their “boredom.”. Though they will be sheltered from the influence of loser peers from a young age, they will be independent adults in late teens or early twenties, and will look at their TV baby age peers with horror and disgust.

But you must put in the effort from birth to about 16 years old, which is when they will have finished calculus.  By that time, the kid will have had quite enough of your training up and be more than ready to take on the world, and win.




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