Competition with and learning from Asians will make Whites less vulnerable to Jewish strategies

Jews have been beating Whites at Modernity going back generations.  The 1950’s era play, Death of a Salesman, is about a WASP family with the shallow, boastful Salesman, Willy Loman, his two ne’er do well sons, Biff and Happy, and the Jewish family next door, the business owner father, Charlie, and his studiuous but nerdy son. Bernard.  Death of a Salesman is literally Revenge of the Nerds minus 30 years.

Charlie and his son Bernard, are what Asians call “grinds.”. A grind is the Chinese father and mother spending 70 hours a week of their waking hours making sesame chicken for the round eyed devils while their children study differential equations 70 hours a week so they can save themselves from a life of Chinese restaurant self enslavement.

Willy Loman tells his sons that someday he will have a business bigger than Charlie’s business, and that Charlie and Bernard are losers because they aren’t “well liked.” But the truth revealed in the play is that Charlie and Bernard are successful and Willy Loman and his arrogant WASP sons are chumps stuck in Palookaville.  Willy is a lot of hot air who teaches his sons to rest on their laurels and talk a bunch of shit while accomplishing nothing.

Henry Miller’s Jewish critique of heritage Americans is not wrong.  No lie detected. Mind you, Death of a Salesman was written in 1949.  Idiocracy Dystopia has been observable going back at least 70 years!

I’ve been advocating since around 2002 that we emulate Chinese strategies for money and life as a “hack” for better adaptation to a rapidly changing world

America changed sharply in 50 years, but we Americans are still in the habit of a “good wages” cargo cult that is an echo of the days of union jobs.

Americans have not adapted to post-America, post national, global economic territory life.

In a global economic territory, Capital will try to take over every little niche, not because they need the money, but so we locals don’t get it.  Global economic territory seeks to diminish or even eliminate small business ownership completely.

People who run small businesses and create an educated merchant class will eventually compete for political power.  An educated merchant class of Americans is something they absolutely want to head off

However, if we understand this situation collectively, if we are able to act as a group, we can hack the system and do small businesses despite their efforts to kill small business ownership.

The Chinese are able to do small businesses in the USA and Panda Express hasn’t destroyed family owned Chinese restaurants.

The Chinese have successfully hacked American small business. Ditto the Indians, Pakistanis and Arabs. While we are left behind, dreaming of a union job.

We have to learn from the foreigners who hacked our system, or we will be as lost children in our own country.

Life on Earth is a challenge to us! We must stand up and meet this challenge!

The people who have been torturing us will be put in a very unfavorable position if we get our shit together and learn from the foreigners how to be conquerors again.

We can’t be lazy revelers and cargo culters or we’ll end up as slaves.   Our chains close around us even now.

The Chinese have the key out of our prison, and it’s there for the taking if only we will take it

I know Kiyosaki is Japanese but he’s giving away the Chinese money secrets, analogous to Bruce Lee giving up the Han Chinese racial secrets of wushu to the round eyed devils.

The Asian 7-11 owners are Rich Dad and we are Poor Dad.  Poor Dad is Weak Dad, and preventible weakness is a sin.




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4 Responses to Competition with and learning from Asians will make Whites less vulnerable to Jewish strategies

  1. Bluebird says:

    The characters depicted in the play are unrealistic caricatures. Coming from a working-class background, I never met anyone resembling the Lomans and my parents were certainly hard-working.

    It’s yet another “you’re not as successful as we are because you’re [stupid, lazy, whatever], goy” lie.

    • Rob says:

      Literature necessarily exaggerates. I didn’t “get” Death of a Salesman until I went to the University of Connecticut at Storrs and observed that 98% of STEM majors were non American. Combine that with the fact that convenience stores and liquor stores are now a subcontinental Asian racket, Americans all sold out.

      I’m trying to undo this and get White Americans back on track.

  2. Bluebird says:

    My apologies for the double comment but I just recalled another cultural item from my childhood: The Looney Toons character Foghorn Leghorn had a “nephew” named Eggbert, who was a caricature of nerdiness contrasted with Foghorn’s caricature know-it-all brashness. I did a search just now and I noticed Eggbert’s hat. I had never noticed that before!

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