I had a one hour conversation with an Orthodox Jew; the Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd roles have switched places


So I was lucky enough to have a conversation with an Orthodox Jew in a coffee shop.  He was a Yiddish teacher, and knew Russian language.  He was trying to improve Yiddish language instruction and I recommended Pimsleur.  He agreed and as it turns out, was creating his own Yiddish version of the Pimsleur course based on German Pimsleur.

I grew up speaking German from my father, and rebelled by majoring in Russian in college.  As it turns out, Yiddish is a Germanic language with Hebrew and Slavic influences.  In Yiddish they say “nur was” which I understood in German as “only what.”. To a German speaker, this is a nonsensical phrase but it’s actually from the Russian, tol’ko shto, which means “just” as in “just did something.”  Another example was “unterhearn” or “to underhear.”  To a German it means nothing, but in Russian, to eavesdrop is “podslushivat'”. Literally, to under hear.

We talked shop about language pedagogy, and then about Jews in Russia. I asked him if he’s seen the Rothschild movies on YouTube.  He hadn’t and got real nervous about anti-Semitism. I said that the history of the Rothschilds is fascinating and the quote, “Buy when there is blood in the streets” is solid investing advice.  Also, the Rothschild story is interesting because they had restrictions on their commercial activities, analogous to how white nationalists who get doxxed can’t get corporate jobs because a quick Google search by Human Resources will reveal that the person is a so-called “neo-Nazi.”

My interlocutor said he had no interest in learning what anti-Semites say about Jews. I said that this is reminiscent of Jack Dorsey discovering that in Twitter, conservatives follow both liberals and conservatives, but liberals only follow other liberals.

Another analogy were the Christian pastors in the 80’s and 90’s saying “yoga is satanic.”. I did yoga for strength training and pain relief and stopped going to church as soon as I moved out of my father’s house.  Those churches went full gay soon after because normal people stopped attending.

Jews refusing to intellectually engage white nationalists is exactly like those pastors dismissing yoga as satanic.  It’s true that yoga is a competitor to church attendance, but dismissing it didn’t make it go away.  Yoga won.

For the established churches to stay relevant, they’d have had to offer MMA training and math tutoring to the kids, and racial defense sermons rather than cuckolding to non-whites and Jews.  Instead it’s just virtue signalling for Israel and African refugees. I can’t think of anything more repulsive to my sensibilities.

So our religious traditions became fake and gay and we were spiritually and morally “cut loose.”. Many people became opiate addicts, single mom households, sportsball fanatics.  The dysfunction of irreligious proles has taken many forms.

But a certain percentage of us were mentally liberated, and became true free thinkers.  Intellectually curious free thinkers will eventually outfox the rigid dogmatists.

In mid 20th century USA, Jews were the free thinkers relative to the white Christian Americans.  This was depicted in the Bugs Bunny cartoons. Bugs Bunny was named after the Jewish mobster Bugsy Siegel.  His nemesis, Elmer Fudd, is a dogmatic, intellectually stunted bigot constantly getting outsmarted by Bugs.

Sure, the Jews were religious back then.  But relative to us, they were free thinkers and they despised our earnest piety, our devotion to Jesus.  No doubt Jews were happy to see the liberalization, gayification and sharp decline in organized Christianity and the moral destruction that resulted.

But now we have a situation where Jews have enjoyed unbroken tradition and the option to be part of a closed religious tradition and more or less racially and religious exclusionary society.  This Orthodox Jew gets to support a family as a Yiddish teacher and live in an intellectual and cultural bubble, where people like me have been cast adrift, with no religious or national identity, no Tribe, and a purely negative identity as a white person.  Whites have to live by our wits, and we value family and children more than ever because it’s become something we have to strive for and often fail to obtain. There is little support for white families but lots of taxes and harmful influences aimed squarely at white women and white children.

And so we study Jews, liberals, the job market and better methods for child raising. We sure as hell are not resting on our laurels anymore.

Being hated forces us to seek out ways to acquire money, power and influence as a means to protect our Volk from the institutions and individuals who hate us.

We learn all about them. They don’t know shit about us, and don’t care. We are insects to them, and they think that persecuting us will make the problem go away, or at least provide some consequence free sadistic satisfaction.

They are mistaken. They sue our people for participating in the legally permiited Charlottesville protest on August 12, 2017.  Because taking away our right to public assembly, rendering us even more invisible, is totally a solution to the white problem, amirite?

Anyone who knows history understands that persecuting people, especially intelligent, ambitious people, is playing with fire. The liberals are the Establishment, hogging all the power and influence to themselves because they believe themselves to be morally righteous. Meanwhile, the hungry barbarians are out there doing God knows what, learning new things, living by our wits, studying the financial system and building up Tribal feeling.

Every moment Charlie squats in the bush, he gets stronger. We are bugs Bunny now. We are Charlie now.



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8 Responses to I had a one hour conversation with an Orthodox Jew; the Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd roles have switched places

  1. Denise says:

    Correct. FYI – I had a long conversation with a Jewess a few days ago. She lives in one of the posh beach towns on the Atlantic coast of Florida. She was telling me about how awful the illegals from South America, and elsewhere are. How they are destroying everything. How every-one she knew is moving away. As often as I say horrible (and TRUE) things about Jews, I tend to go on with them very well, personally. I am knowledgeable on may topics, quick, and I can be very charming when I choose to be. I didn’t challenge her. I let her talk. (I could barely get a word in edgewise!). It was an interesting conversation. The ordinary street level Jew is going to get as screwed by Big Jew as any-one. They’ve been taught that “All Whites are secret Nazis” and the Darkies “are just victims of White oppression” – but Rachel and Joel Jew Average seem to be getting a taste of the Joys of Diversity, too.

    We live interesting times.

    • Rob says:

      Denise, White nationalists are like Rain Man of Judaica, we autistically collect and retain facts about Jews.

      On Twitter, Jack Dorsey discovered that liberals follow other liberals, and conservatives follow both conservatives and liberals.

      We learn about them; they are afraid to learn about us because they are afraid they will sympathize. The actor who portrayed Charles Manson in the movie Helter Skelter, refused an opportunity to meet Manson because he was afraid he’d become a sympathizer.

      Jews on the street pay a lot of White tax, because of their ecological niche of the country. They have starring roles in the Dystopia their people created

      Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

      We can turn the street Jews against the ruling elites but they have to say “fuck the Holocaust, forgive Germans now” and campaign to close down the museums and memorials and let the Hate go.

      Just having conversations with Jews is a very good defensive strategy for our Folk. We are getting regular Jews to sympathize with white plight. You see the stresses they are under.

      I can look at a facial expression and read a million things, especially talking to Jews. If they talk to you, it’s easier to see inside them than it is with the average person. I calculate my replies more from facial expressions than what they said

      I think it’s because we are less neurotic.

      I’m going to post the conversation verbatim, redacting out any identifying or doxxing information. Its an amazing conversation and I unabashedly told him that we strongly believe white genocide is happening now and Jews are doing it. And we are desperate. Not letting us publicly assemble won’t make us go away

      • Denise says:

        I eagerly await your post. FYI – the conversation I had with the Jewess – she is obviously a very well educated woman, and spoke very well (at 6 million miles per minute!). She did not use foul language, but she was extremely blunt about her disgust with the non-Whites. She was specific about the Races of the befoulers.Not crude – but pointed. I stated that I’m watching my county swirl down the drain before my very eyes.. This Jewess has no clue about my beliefs. She stated that she thought the reasons for the destruction are get this – “changing demographics and loss of culture”. This woman’s profession is high level academics. She travels all over the country. She sees all kinds of social strata. I know you know who Michael Weiner aka Savage is. I’ve maintained, for some time, that the “schmartest” Jews know that America is THE BEST Host they’ve ever had, and White Americans have been the BEST resource, and the truly intelligent ones know that they will suffer as badly, or worse, than any-one, in a Feces Hole country.

      • Rob says:

        I think I lost the recording, uggh! But what I learned is that Jews think that if the goyim know they will get killed. I told him straight up that white genocide is happening and the Jews are doing it.

        We need to make ourselves as comfortable and prosperous as possible, look after white children, and let the unsustainable jewish multi-racial project tear itself apart.

  2. Pedro Garcia says:

    So, Bugs Bunny is a Jew and we are Elmer Fudd. It fits. In the example cartoon Bugs tries to pretend he is one of the dogs. When that doesn’t work he uses the uncle’s will like the holahoax. Or maybe the uncle is more like Zionist Christianity. After the uncle dies, it is too late. We are already overrun by Jews and their slaves.

    On a brighter note, I just remembered the Sun Oven you told me to buy ten years ago. I put a dozen eggs still in the carton (cardboard not plastic) in the oven for 90 minutes. They came out just like regular hard boiled eggs except they are extremely easy to peel.

  3. chezgr@y says:

    A church that offered “MMA training and math tutoring to the kids, and racial defense sermons rather than cuckolding to non-whites and Jews” would absolutely clean up. I was always turned off by the church b/c of the relentless moral posturing, anti-intellectualism (including an almost aggressive antipathy towards church history (which is the troubled history of western civilization)) and the implicit antiwhiteness which is derived from moronic anti traditional interpretations of Galatians. The nations are not abrogated by Christianity any more than gender is! Fucking morons. But the clash of civilizations is a religious fight and and cannot bring a mere philosophy (ne0liberalism or libertarianism or whatever weaksauce) to a religion fight. This is why Islam (PBUH) is so strong and we are so weak. Bullshit pastors have made ‘turn the other cheek’ a credo when it had originally a sociopolitical context that did not mean ‘bend over and take it up the ..’

    positive ethnocentrism is future. The interesting question is who can high=trust whites reclaim the high ingroup preference that characterizes the low-trust groups that are currently out-competing us? we can all agree that we don’t want to live in a place like China or wherever, no matter how much we admire there millenia old culture and their ethnic homogeneity.

  4. Bluebird says:

    Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks, produced by (((Hanna-Barbera))), presents a similar parable.

    “I hate those meeces to pieces!” … said after being made a fool of by the mice.

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