I was on the podcast Surviving Weimerika!

Great show, great Goys!



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6 Responses to I was on the podcast Surviving Weimerika!

  1. Bluebird says:

    How many of the listeners to that podcast are likely to heed your message? It isn’t just about self-study and more rapid progress through a degree course, which is certainly going to require some years of physical attendance, in the US. Many unemployed or under-employed working class whites have poor lifestyle habits most typically involving alcohol. The only way out for such people is a complete reset of their mindset, akin to adopting a monastic life, and in most cases that will never happen.

  2. Bluebird says:

    Apologies for the afterthought: What prompted my comment was the remark more than once by the host that people in the chat were saying that lack of capital was an obstacle to their financial betterment. It struck me that that is mere excuse-making with which those people will soothe themselves as they continue to fail to make any fundamental changes in their lives and instead continue with their self-destructive habits.

  3. volkishblake says:

    Good show.

    If you want to join us on our podcast Manifest Destiny we would be glad to have you. Jake and I are long time fans, going way back to 2012.

  4. volkishblake says:




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