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Four pillars of homeschooling

1. Both parents at home. 2. Parents learn to teach themselves, and train the children to self teach right from the beginning. 3. Emphasis on math 4. Daily outside time for several hours, to prevent mood disorders and facilitate calmness … Continue reading

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Connecting dots

Single mom households are the feedstock of LGBT movement.  They are being bribed and lured in, recruited.  Because they bring their…kids. Another dot I connected.  People don’t watch mass media anymore, so they are sexualizing children to capture a certain … Continue reading

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I figured out the LGBTQP+ phenomenon while protesting drag queen story hour in Waterville, Maine(!!!)

  On June 1st, 2019 I went to Waterville, Maine to protest Drag queen story time I met really great people.  The right wing movement in 2019 is way more functional than it was 20 years ago.  The men and women … Continue reading

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Napoleon versus Snowball is K selection versus r selection and a metaphor for Total Aryan Victory through high investment parenting

r selection Ecology selection occurring when a population isfar below the carrying capacity of anunstable environment: tends to favor individuals that reproduce early, quickly,and in large numbers so as to make useof ephemeral resources and ensure thatat least some offspring survive. r selection is low investment parenting.  It is rabbit parenting, deer parenting.  However, wild herbivores will try to defend their young.  r selected humans graze on peaceful pastures of high fructose … Continue reading

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The secret to raising mentally healthy children – hikes and play time in the woods every day

Yesterday I visited a friend in northern New England.  We hiked up a forested mountain, and found a pristine, spring fed pond on the other side of the mountain. No boats, no houses, no other people.  Just water and woods … Continue reading

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History and development of my ideas

I was in Russia in 1995 and I was struck by how proficient people were at things like violin and piano and gymnastics and a physics. I was taking violin lessons from a graduate of the Moscow conservatory.  Her name … Continue reading

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What is “intelligence” in the spy agency sense, and why the CIA is a broken organization

Intelligence, in the context of the CIA, MI-6, KGB and so on, is a branch of practical philosophy, armed.  The director of the CIA is supposed to ask “first questions,” but political and budgetary pressures get in the way. This … Continue reading

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