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What is “intelligence” in the spy agency sense, and why the CIA is a broken organization

Intelligence, in the context of the CIA, MI-6, KGB and so on, is a branch of practical philosophy, armed.  The director of the CIA is supposed to ask “first questions,” but political and budgetary pressures get in the way. This … Continue reading

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Amherst physics professor; Memorization and repetition without full understanding works as long as you persist

Physics professor on memorization and repetition For truth to tell, in college I never felt fully comfortable in most of the courses I was taking. Always I felt that yes, I was doing the homework, and yes I was getting … Continue reading

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The vulnerability inherent in Liberalism, hidden in plain sight

I have a particular set of skills, fam.  I am able to identify vulnerabilities in a social system. Vulnerabilities that are as plain as day to me, but everyone else misses them. The, apparently an opinion and lifestyle site … Continue reading

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The nationalist movement (that) has swept much of rural America

I remember when liberals taunted us about white nationalists being a small minority of whites. They aren’t laughing any more   The same study found that these participants viewed immigrants moving into their neighborhood as an existential threat. These experimental … Continue reading

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The screen free community is the utopian experiment of the future

There have been experiments in utopian living. Brook Farm (1841-1846): The Transcendentalist Romance. Site of Brook Farm in West Roxbury, Massachusetts. … Fruitlands (1843-1844): The Farm Without Farmers. … New Harmony (1825-1829): The Boatload of Knowledge. … Oneida (1848−1881): The … Continue reading

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Brute Force Memorization,or Повторение мать учения, is how Russians and Chinese master STEM

In the USA, there is a certain “snobbery” among math teachers, who think that “Problem Solvers” type books are “cheating,” at learning math and physics.  You’re supposed to just have the problem, and the final answer, and come up with … Continue reading

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Tim Wise calls for denazification of the planet, lol

Tim, Denazification was an atrocity committed against the German people after World War II.  Of course, it was an age of atrocities; it was one among many. But it was not justified by 2018 standards or done in any way … Continue reading

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