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The Powerful Need the Competent; why Idiocracy Dystopia will beget a Eugenic Aristocracy of the Competent

  in 2040, there will still be human hierarchy. What sort of man will be the elite? What new and unforeseen forces will have shaped society between now and 2040? Being energy literate, it is still a safe bet that … Continue reading

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What to do has been figured out; implementing is the hurdle

When you are a people held captive and your lands are flooded with foreigners, you got to do better than kvetch about the good old days and wish the elites felt bad for us and would make the bad people … Continue reading

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The Atlantic — STEM grads “mostly finding lucrative work after they graduate,” English majors, not so much The popular image of the college-educated barista … is not an accurate portrayal of the typical underemployed recent college graduate,” they write. Instead, they find that more young college graduates are now finding good jobs in their twenties. Finally, youth … Continue reading

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I reverse engineered the process of white ensnarement and captivity, and thus know how we can get out of our cage

  It’s fair to say that the past 100 years has been a slow, multigenerational process of capturing the white man, the most dangerous animal on earth, now under the Jewish thumb, and marked for extinction. They know if we … Continue reading

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Stefan Molyneux has gone all in for White Survival

Stefan Molyneux has 823,000 subscribers. He started off as a libertarian, and he became a pro-white-survival libertarian.  In 18 years of watching this scene, this is a new high in seeing our most fundamental ideas mainstreamed.  It is truly a … Continue reading

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We need a Center for Temporary Monasticism and Detox from Modern Living

I see the ills of modern life very intensely, and I have concluded that much of it stems from not knowing anything outside mass media and consumerist culture. I remember when teachers tried to “fight the system” of mass media … Continue reading

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Liberalism has been financially incentivizing feeble-ness, rule breaking and free-riding for decades; it imports immigrants from traditional, conservative countries to maintain the proliferating population of weak and dependent free riders, rule breakers, and self-enfeebled

As I toil in the Idiocracy-Dystopia, I see daily the phenomenon of immigration from conservative, traditional countries to take care of the feeble, unemployable, obese and “special needs” nation built by liberals. Taxpayer money is lavished on people who often … Continue reading

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