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My religious leader believes that Europe belongs to the Europeans

It is a happy coincidence, or perhaps not, that  for many years I have LARPed as best I can as a Buddhist, studying the Pali Canon and meditating, and would consider the Dalai Lama my religious leader. Considering my religious … Continue reading

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2018 is a great current year, the “dirty tricks” probate judge who doxxed me, fails to win a second term

This blog went dark for a while after my wife ran for probate judge and her opponent’s camp doxxed me just before the election and so Andrea won dirty. She was expected to easily win the 2018 election   She didn’t.  … Continue reading

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Amy Goodman and another yenta are triggered AF by Trump

These people are so self absorbed and live in a privileged bubble. Edit – – in my comment below I wrote that these yentas have not yet experienced the private jet pilot problem. I was wrong!  Listen to them kvetching … Continue reading

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US Special Forces (Green Berets) are understaffed because of a shortage of the Competent; yet more evidence of the ruling elite’s “private jet pilot problem”

American white boys are going full Atlas Shrugged with vidya and 4chan!  They are showing their power, even by dropping out of society!  They cause the private jet pilot problem, and the ruling elites are finding that Chinese and Indians … Continue reading

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The Powerful Need the Competent; why Idiocracy Dystopia will beget a Eugenic Aristocracy of the Competent

  in 2040, there will still be human hierarchy. What sort of man will be the elite? What new and unforeseen forces will have shaped society between now and 2040? Being energy literate, it is still a safe bet that … Continue reading

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What to do has been figured out; implementing is the hurdle

When you are a people held captive and your lands are flooded with foreigners, you got to do better than kvetch about the good old days and wish the elites felt bad for us and would make the bad people … Continue reading

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The Atlantic — STEM grads “mostly finding lucrative work after they graduate,” English majors, not so much The popular image of the college-educated barista … is not an accurate portrayal of the typical underemployed recent college graduate,” they write. Instead, they find that more young college graduates are now finding good jobs in their twenties. Finally, youth … Continue reading

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