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The Statistics Do Not Lie! Welfare Is the Best Paying Entry Level Job In 35 States!

In short, for most industrious Americans, it no longer pays to go to work. This system is catapulting our country towards an economic Armageddon. Welfare pays and pays well, until the government turns off the faucet. Then we will have … Continue reading

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It’s happening: GMO corn no longer resists insects

GMO Epic Fail, Monsanto Fail, Syngenta Fail, Dow and Dupont Fail! Nevermind the safety issue — GMO isn’t even delivering on it’s much hyped promises. Oooh, gotta protect our patent on our great, non-working Bt corn!

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Antifa are apparently a bunch of heroin addicts; Vice Documentary trailer

These guys and gals will definitely starve in any kind of societal hiccup. They are totally dependent on the very civilization they hate and oppose so much. They are also vulnerable to a WN who goes into smack dealing. Imagine … Continue reading

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Anthony Cumia of Opie and Anthony appears on The Political Cesspool!

Wow, this is a good score for James and the Gang at The Political Cesspool. Opie and Anthony have a huge radio following. Anthony Cumia isn’t backing down, and he’s gone explicitly pro-White! Good for him! And for promoting the … Continue reading

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Humanity May Face Choice By 2040: Conventional Energy Or Drinking Water

It’s going to decide on conventional energy, and let people filter their water. One unintended consequence of destroying the drinking water with fracking is that whites can use technology to filter our water and live somewhere that ininhabitable for others, … Continue reading

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The Left finally talks about the Ukraine Crisis; 2 articles by The Nation magazine

Why Is Washington Risking War With Russia? Kiev’s siege of the Donbass, supported by the Obama administration, is escalating an already perilous crisis.Katrina vanden Heuvel and Stephen F. Cohen July 30, 2014 | This article appeared in the August 18-25, … Continue reading

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Originally posted on tomfernandez28's Blog: by MAC SLAVO | SHTF PLAN | AUGUST 2, 2014 Dan Joseph of MRC TV visited predominantly liberal Oldtown Alexandria, Virgina and asked residents to sign a petition in support of bringing illegal…

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