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Either you will be your child’s taskmaster, or your child will be your taskmaster; the case for proactive training up of children

Moms have been faced with a certain avoidable problem for decades: “Mommy I’m bored!” This a result of lazy, distracted parenting. I never had that problem with my daughter until her teenage years.  When my daughter from infancy to about … Continue reading

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Transgender ideology; a brutal method for removing liberals from the gene pool?

I’ve been thinking about how transgenderism targeted at the children unfortunate enough to be born to liberal parents may be a brutal darwinian culling of liberals from the gene pool. Transgenderism is a way to effectively sterilize a population.  K … Continue reading

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We are up against Establishment approved self mutilation propaganda funded by 424 million dollars to convince people they are gender non conforming so they will be made into cattle market share for pharmaceutical surgical and medical device corporations. Civilization is becoming a manufactured consensus Frankenstein experiment on the brain washed Transgender is the new Oxycodone, the new mass sickening of an unwitting populace for profit.

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Kyle Kashuv Harvard admission withdrawn for using a word that is used liberally in the “Harvard rap thesis”

In light of the rescinded admission to Harvard of Kyle Kashuv, have a listen to this rap album submitted as a “senior thesis” by a Harvard senior.  

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Four pillars of homeschooling

1. Both parents at home. 2. Parents learn to teach themselves, and train the children to self teach right from the beginning.  The children should teach the subjects they are studying to the parent-teacher.  Math and physics professors have discovered … Continue reading

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Connecting dots

Single mom households are the feedstock of LGBT movement.  They are being bribed and lured in, recruited.  Because they bring their…kids. Another dot I connected.  People don’t watch mass media anymore, so they are sexualizing children to capture a certain … Continue reading

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I figured out the LGBTQP+ phenomenon while protesting drag queen story hour in Waterville, Maine(!!!)

  On June 1st, 2019 I went to Waterville, Maine to protest Drag queen story time I met really great people.  The right wing movement in 2019 is way more functional than it was 20 years ago.  The men and women … Continue reading

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