Amherst physics professor; Memorization and repetition without full understanding works as long as you persist

Physics professor on memorization and repetition

For truth to tell, in college I never felt fully comfortable in most of the courses I was taking. Always I felt that yes, I was doing the homework, and yes I was getting by decently on the tests—but no, I did not fully comprehend those words, those formulas and equations and vast principles that my teachers were so confidently espousing, and that I was so dutifully memorizing. Throughout it all I kept telling myself that in the long run I would understand things. For the time being, however, memorization and practice solving problems would carry me through.

And I was right. Memorization and practice solving problems did carry me through. And more than that: in the long run, I did figure things out, and I came to some degree of understanding of all the various subjects I was studying.

I am going through exactly this problem, albeit without the pressure of structured classes.  Many people take up calculus and physics and quit because they are not getting the big picture.

In my electronics coursework, I find I get the correct answer but I’m not sure how, and this is just algebra based stuff.

The Asians call it “grinding,” just brute force working through problems over and over.  That’s why they get the good jobs and Americans don’t.  American kids get discouraged too quickly, and don’t “grind.”

It’s far better to “grind” for 2,000  hours on calculus and physics before you ever set foot in a classroom.  Use the REA Problem Solvers series and the Schaums series, with the problems all worked out for you.  Even with the problems worked out, you might not understand a step and that’s when you need help, or grind away at it.  When you torture the data until it yields the answers, it’s a great dopamine rush similar to that which addicts video gamers, but it is a healthier rush.  Eventually you will grind your way to the point where you find studying physics is far more rewarding than video games.

Here’s the book for “grinding” your way to life success.  I went to the Defense Language Institute for Russian language after having done 4 years of college Russian.  It was one of the best times of my life.  For once, I was “top dog.”  It would have been even better had I put in 2,000 hours into calculus and physics, and then went and majored in physics and maybe an engineering in college.   This is a real path to power. It’s not a promise to get something for nothing.  You got to pay 2,000 hours of effort, but you will have a better life for it.  Even if you studied for 2,000 hours and didn’t go to college, for the rest of your life you will be much more intelligent.  You will get better jobs, you will get promoted faster, and in general you will always make better decisions.

As the Russians say, “Repetition is the Mother of Learning.”  I don’t post as much as I used to because I’m too busy grinding, and I hope I inspired you to grind too.


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The vulnerability inherent in Liberalism, hidden in plain sight

I have a particular set of skills, fam.  I am able to identify vulnerabilities in a social system. Vulnerabilities that are as plain as day to me, but everyone else misses them.

The, apparently an opinion and lifestyle site for the DC area elite, has a post on a middle school aged Jewish boy who was the object of his school’s moral panic over #metoo and sexual harassment, and subsequently became a moderator on Alt Right subreddits.  According to his mother, he eventually saw the error of his ways and became a tolerant liberal again.

What Happened After My 13-Year-Old Son Joined the Alt-Right A Washington family’s nightmare year

What really jumped out at me was this woman’s Frankfurt School style permissiveness parenting.

We flat-out begged him to go on hikes, bike rides, and even trips to the grocery store with us—anything to extract him from the echo chamber. The most insignificant outings were preceded by Camp David–level negotiations. Most of the time, we lost.

Camp David negotiations with a 13 year old child?  Not to let the Sackler family off the hook,  but no wonder we have an opiate crisis.  And an obesity crisis.  And a crisis in military recruiting.  And trillions in household debt.

Liberals are spiritually sick people, and terrible parents.  And they’ve spread their Frankfurt School plague to Middle America.

Even worse, when Middle America bought into the permissiveness degeneracy, the same elites said, “Americans are too lazy and degenerate too do the jobs Americans won’t do or aren’t bright enough to do, we need to import a replacement population.”

They knocked us down, and now they kick us while we are down.  And they think it’s funny!

But it is in our power to put the joke back on them.

Clearly, they are taking their own poison.  Sam will grow up a weak man, an overgrown TV baby

The peril of the Idiocracy White Genocide strategy is that a group of adversaries may decide not to participate, and in fact do the opposite.

What is the opposite?  It is homeschooling, intelligent authoritarian parenting, training children to teach themselves, and doing math first thing in the morning as the highest priority before anything else. Also, it is plenty of sports and outdoor activities both structured and unstructured, piano lessons, martial arts training, and Latin language and reading the classics.

Outdoor activities and a lot of time spent running around innawoods is essential to mental health, and mental health is a precursor to learning new things. Mental health and physical vigor must be a high priority in intelligent authoritarian parenting.

The USA population is in moral and physical collapse.  But this crisis is our opportunity, if only we seize it.

The competent people are not being replaced.  US Special Forces (Green Berets) have had to lower their standards and still aren’t able to staff full 12 man teams.  The Pentagon has to recruit Chinese and Indian engineers.

I was in the Army Reserves as a Russian linguist in the 1990’s and even back then I was saying that intellectually lazy Americans were literally a national security risk.  Since then, it has gotten exponentially worse.

There are defense department engineers who were doxxed years ago as pro white identity by the SPLC and are still employed because they were too valuable to fire.  Michael Miselis was only fired by Lockheed when footage surfaced of him in an act of kinetic self defense in Charlottesville. Otherwise, he’d probably still be employed there.

We can create a network of people who are too valuable to fire; who own businesses that are too valuable to society to put out of business.  We can make ourselves into the movers and shakers and string pullers.

But we have to start by mastering trades like HVAC, electricians, electronics technicians, plumbers and even carpenters and auto repair techs.  We have to study calculus and physics and engineering, which we can do without schooling using the problem solvers and schaums books and YouTube and tutors to help us get unstuck.  And we should work to take back the convenience stores and motels from the foreigners who have bought up almost every one of them across the country.

It is a long game, requiring years of hard work and intense self study.  But it won’t land you in prison or get you killed, and you will have a high probability of affording a family and raising a brood of successful children who will dominate the Idiocracy and overthrow Clown World.

The multigenerational strategy is actually depicted in George Orwell’s Animal Farm.  Napoleon’s Dogs are the homeschooled kids


Art Robinson’s homeschooling method is the best way to raise Napoleon’s Dogs.  Math first thing in the morning and self teaching is the key.

Come with me if you want to live.

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The nationalist movement (that) has swept much of rural America

I remember when liberals taunted us about white nationalists being a small minority of whites.

They aren’t laughing any more


The same study found that these participants viewed immigrants moving into their neighborhood as an existential threat. These experimental findings show that fear creates aggression, and aggression creates more fear. This establishes a self-amplifying feedback loop that leads to a kind of mass hysteria and collective anger, which is what fuels the unconditional loyalty of Trump supporters. It is also what fuels the bigotry and racism we are seeing with the nationalist movement that has swept much of rural America.

We have arrived!  This is our time now!

Idiocracy Dystopia is failing.  Weak men (passive aggressive kvetching and cheating nebbishes), create hard times.

Hard times create strong men.

It is up to you to be the strong men. The world will be at the feet of the strong men.

Strength, as I define it, is one who does fight training and studies and works in STEM.

The community colleges have associate degrees in mechatronix, manufacturing engineering.

Learn calculus and physics from problem solvers and Schaums books, then this book for associates  degree level engineering

Introduction to Engineering Analysis

Then, when you actually set foot on campus, you will be superbly prepared.

I have found out that factories are hiring associate degree level engineers. When you graduate and get a job, keep studying   When there’s nothing to do at work  study engineering books that can be plausibly related to your job.  Two birds one stone – you look busy and you’re getting paid to learn more STEM.   And daily practice on math and engineering problems will make you sharper at your job

The time will come for the strong men to be gathered and start our own Trades/STEM guild.  Trades and STEM must be unified into one guild.  Every HVAC tech and plumber learns his trade to the level of engineer, and perhaps learns astronomy or particle physics for fun.

The Guild will be a reservoir of competence, from carpenters to airframe and powerplant mechanics.  New guys will have to do self study to a high level before they go to the trade school or engineering major.

We will push out the companies that use H1-B visas. We will be the Men of the Mind, as Ayn Rand envisioned in Atlas Shrugged.

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The screen free community is the utopian experiment of the future

There have been experiments in utopian living.

  • Brook Farm (1841-1846): The Transcendentalist Romance. Site of Brook Farm in West Roxbury, Massachusetts. …
  • Fruitlands (1843-1844): The Farm Without Farmers. …
  • New Harmony (1825-1829): The Boatload of Knowledge. …
  • Oneida (1848−1881): The Complex Marriage. …
  • The Shakers (1745-): The Simple Life.

The problem with these communities is that they expected to create some kind of perfected community in their little world.  They wanted to shut out the outside world and retreat from it, and confine themselves to a few powerless acres.

The screen free eugenicist community will raise children with the intent of sending them out into the world and conquering it.  It is about breeding and rearing Napoleons, Genghis Khans, Werner Von Brauns, Henry Fords.  And plenty of just regular, well adjusted, smart kids who grow up to have a good influence on the world.

Though they will be screen free, there will be wandering out into the world, visiting cities, going skiing, bicycling, surfing.  They will of course meet friends and go to their house and there’s TV’s at the friends house.  That’s fine, though they must remain parent oriented and not become peer oriented.

The most sure way to raise kids above the POZ is to raise them to be conquerors, to be dominant, to win.

These days, it’s conqueror, or overdosed junkie in a ditch.  There’s no comfortable middle any more.  This is all the more so with children.  It might be, that the only way to ensure the survival of the next generation is to raise them to be conquerors.  Everyone else ends up overdosed trannies.

So this is what we got to do.  Maybe in the USA, maybe in Russia, maybe in Hungary.

The community will retreat from the world in the sense of consuming mass media, but it will be involved in the engineering of the world.  We will support ourselves by being high tech companies and trades companies.  We’ll build robots and repair apartment buildings and have farms.  The children will be put to work when there is planting, weeding, harvesting. Everything that’s not automated will use child labor.

The children will read newspaper articles to know what’s happening in the world, and some who seem to have the aptitude and loyalty will be raised as spies.  They will know to go out in the world and hide their true selves in order to carry out their directives.

Ultimately, the kids will do what they please if and when they go out in the world, but by raising them screen free, they will be so alien to the obese, addicted TV babies of the world, that they will always feel a kinship to the screen free eugenicist community.  The world outside will be the Idiocracy Dystopia, and the screen free community is a slice of heaven, above the POZ.

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Brute Force Memorization,or Повторение мать учения, is how Russians and Chinese master STEM

In the USA, there is a certain “snobbery” among math teachers, who think that “Problem Solvers” type books are “cheating,” at learning math and physics.  You’re supposed to just have the problem, and the final answer, and come up with all the intermediate steps yourself, or you’re a dummy go major in English.

My math/physics tutor advocates this.  It’s a mistake, and it keeps a lot of good people out of STEM.

Generating the intermediate steps between question and answer requires a familiarity with the subject matter that people simply do not have.  They can acquire it, however, by practicing and memorizing thousands of problems.

The REA Problem Solvers books, and the Schaum’s Outlines, are a blessing to the auto-didact because they show step by step how a problem is done.  If you understand each step, then you got it.  You’re going to be able to learn that subject.  If you cannot follow Schaum’s or a Problem Solver’s book, get a tutor or do something less advanced and build up to it.

I have spoken to both Russians and Chinese engineers about how they learned math, and they said by putting in thousands of hours of problems. They weren’t instant geniuses, like American math teachers seem to expect.

With the Problems Solvers books, you start off slow on a topic, but by the end of the chapter you are slamming the problems out.  And when you finish it, what do you do?  You do it again.  And if you don’t just slam it out, then you do it a third time.

Повторение мать учения

Repetition is the mother of learning.

It’s interesting to note that Charles Dickens lampooned memorization in education in his book “Hard Times,” and this cliched memorization-phobia has persisted in Anglo-American education ever since.

I learned Russian language by memorization 30 years ago.   I still speak Russian to this day.

I am learning math and physics by brute force memorization, and it’s working.  I don’t need a teacher or a tutor.

We are importing our engineers from the lands where memorization is used in education.

I can teach you, to teach yourself.  You can add value to yourself, from the comfort of your home, with nothing but books and notebooks and a smart phone and youtube.

Here’s a lecture about Jewish math students being excluded from Moscow State University in the 60’s and 70’s, so they started their own math group outside of MGU.

What he is describing that Jewish math students did for themselves in the USSR, we can do for ourselves, in our own way.  He notes that to do pure mathematics, all you need is a pencil and paper, you don’t need expensive equipment.  In other words, we can add massive value to ourselves, without funding or institutional support.  We do it by self teaching and memorization.

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Tim Wise calls for denazification of the planet, lol



Denazification was an atrocity committed against the German people after World War II.  Of course, it was an age of atrocities; it was one among many. But it was not justified by 2018 standards or done in any way properly to influence people.

On the one hand, Americans were pissed because they had just fought a horrendously difficult war and took many, many casualties. So there was revenge momentum on the part of the American goyim, and Jews encouraged it and maximized it.  Revenge is a Jewish value but it is also a sin. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. Human vengeance might not be justified or based on Truth.

Also, the German people had enjoyed pretty soft living among their own kind in white homogeneous Juden-Frei environment.  Life under National Socialism for civilans was pretty fucking sweet, and it made them soft and vulnerable to guilt tripping.

Nowadays, if you attempted to do denazification, the people who would do it and believe in it would be retard tier and they would destroy the credibility of the effort.  The well paid professionals doing it would be horribly demoralized, like working in a slaughterhouse. Some would turn against it, and traitors can destroy an institution. That’s humanities defense against evil institutions — traitors and whistleblowers and saboteurs.

On the other side, it’s a 4chan world out there.  You could torture and deprive 4channers and they would just want to gas the jews even more than they did before.

In short, denazification would have the exact opposite of the desired effect.  It would be Nazification, because it’s focusing on the Jew/Nazi binary, and people would understand that Jews were torturing them for being Nazis even though they didn’t origianlly consider themselves .Nazis.  I am a Nazi because Jews made me one, by trying to politically correct my thoughts and by tikkun olamming my social and cultural environment.

You should let people forget about the Jew/Nazi binary.  You might not like which side they pick, after all.


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Keoni writes: Kill Your Television — vulture of critique

Keoni wrote: For many years, I used to refer to the infernal idiot box as the “Tell-a-Vision.” It was a term I cribbed from Nancy Levant, authoress of The Cultural Devastation of American Women. She was one of the first Whackaloon Conspiritards I ever encountered on teh Interwebz, and one of the seminal influences in […]

via Keoni writes: Kill Your Television — vulture of critique

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