Either you will be your child’s taskmaster, or your child will be your taskmaster; the case for proactive training up of children

Moms have been faced with a certain avoidable problem for decades:

“Mommy I’m bored!”

This a result of lazy, distracted parenting.

I never had that problem with my daughter until her teenage years.  When my daughter from infancy to about 13 years old, I always had something for her to do, whether it was housework, toys, books, gardening, going to the playground, going to gymnastics, soccer league, piano, studying math.

In her teen years, the immigrants had stolen the jobs traditionally reserved for American teenagers, so she was bored in the summers. When she finally got a job at 17 she really shined, but it was a tragedy and a social crime against American kids that she didn’t have summer jobs starting at 11 years old.

Young mothers want to post selfies in Facebook or talk to their girlfriends or whatever, and don’t want to deal with their kids so they give their kids unlimited screen time in the hope the kid will leave her alone to her vain and shallow pursuits.

The kids end up bored and discontented with screen time and complain of boredom.  And then there’s screaming and psychiatric diagnoses and Ritalin to shut the damn kid up.

That’s trash parenting, and it’s ubiquitous.

Old time parenting kept the kids busy helping out with housework, and when the kids were released from chores, they were very quiet lest they be given more chores. They played with toys or played outside. “I’m bored” was not a thing.

High investment parenting should include some chores, 30 Saxon math problems first thing in the morning, gymnastics, dance, soccer, competitive swimming, jujitsu and muy Thai, and piano and singing lessons.

Children raised like that will be too busy to trouble you with their “boredom.”. Though they will be sheltered from the influence of loser peers from a young age, they will be independent adults in late teens or early twenties, and will look at their TV baby age peers with horror and disgust.

But you must put in the effort from birth to about 16 years old, which is when they will have finished calculus.  By that time, the kid will have had quite enough of your training up and be more than ready to take on the world, and win.



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Transgender ideology; a brutal method for removing liberals from the gene pool?

I’ve been thinking about how transgenderism targeted at the children unfortunate enough to be born to liberal parents may be a brutal darwinian culling of liberals from the gene pool.

Transgenderism is a way to effectively sterilize a population.  K selected Right wingers will protect their children, and try to protect other children.  r selected liberals see an opportunity to use their own children as a government approved Munchausen by Proxy bid for free shit.  A medicalized child gets da gibs.

In one generation, far fewer liberals.   Genocide.


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We are up against Establishment approved self mutilation propaganda funded by 424 million dollars to convince people they are gender non conforming so they will be made into cattle market share for pharmaceutical surgical and medical device corporations. Civilization is becoming a manufactured consensus Frankenstein experiment on the brain washed


Transgender is the new Oxycodone, the new mass sickening of an unwitting populace for profit.

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Kyle Kashuv Harvard admission withdrawn for using a word that is used liberally in the “Harvard rap thesis”

In light of the rescinded admission to Harvard of Kyle Kashuv, have a listen to this rap album submitted as a “senior thesis” by a Harvard senior.



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Four pillars of homeschooling

1. Both parents at home.

2. Parents learn to teach themselves, and train the children to self teach right from the beginning.  The children should teach the subjects they are studying to the parent-teacher.  Math and physics professors have discovered that teaching freshman courses and refreshing the basics year after year made them more proficient in their narrow, highly specialized field of study. So be patient and kind with your young children teaching you sums and multiplication tables and retelling you the plots of the storybooks they are reading. You are laying the groundwork for a child who will be in charge of his own learning and development, and who will “launch” into adulthood in late teens or early 20’s

3. Emphasis on math

4. Daily outside time for several hours, to prevent mood disorders and facilitate calmness and intellectual curiosity. Understimulation and a calm environment, as Waldorf schools do

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Connecting dots

Single mom households are the feedstock of LGBT movement.  They are being bribed and lured in, recruited.  Because they bring their…kids.

Another dot I connected.  People don’t watch mass media anymore, so they are sexualizing children to capture a certain market share.  That’s how to understand the drag kid phenomenon. They are desperate for eyeballs, and if they need to go to the gutter to get those eyeballs, they will.

That’s how you can know they are losing and dying. They project it back on us, and many naive people accept the ridiculous idea of “acquiescing to extinction.”. But it is they who are dying, not us.

To choose life, you must choose strength, and strength is acquired through effort and struggle.  Let them die. We choose to live vigorously!

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I figured out the LGBTQP+ phenomenon while protesting drag queen story hour in Waterville, Maine(!!!)


On June 1st, 2019 I went to Waterville, Maine to protest Drag queen story time

I met really great people.  The right wing movement in 2019 is way more functional than it was 20 years ago.  The men and women I met were serious people who truly care about others and about the country.  No one used any kind of offensive language or slurs, either in public or afterwards when we went to lunch.  Our main grievance was that drag queen story hour was harmful to children.

A pair of teenage girls holding hands came over to talk to us. I immediately engaged them with the problem of male track high school track athletes gaming the system by identifying as so called “trans women” and then winning all the meets and beating out real girls.  The Sun Sentinel reporter in the byline of the article linked above was watching as the two girls agreed with me that this was unfair.  Granted, it was a debate between a couple of teenage girls and a 50 year old news junkie.  But the reporter witnessed the fact that we were friendly to the girls and were able to get them to agree that at least one aspect of the LGBTQP+ had a negative impact on people like them.

The LGBTQP+ counter protesters were yelling at us that drag queen story hour was about teaching children that they were “accepted” and preventing feelings from being hurted.

This led to my flash of insight.  This emphasis on “being accepted” as the highest social value is a function of tax funded single mom households and the resulting dysfunctional children that result.

Deviance from the norm is deviance for a reason!  Single mom households are dysfunctional and it’s absolutely inevitable that people will notice this dysfunction and have feelings other than acceptance for it.

In fact, I suspect that the people who most strongly condemn single mom households are the moms and kids themselves!  They are screaming about the need for acceptance not because anyone else was mean to them, but because they feel the sting of deviance when they see normal, intact “Leave it to Beaver” families.

The LGBTQP+ counter protesters did not include any normal adult men.  There were a few adult males, but none of them looked like they took their kids fishing and to jujitsu classes if ya know what I mean.

Fathers teach their kids that getting rejected is a totally normal part of life, and it hurts but that’s normal too.  When it happens, here’s what to do.  Say to yourself the following:

I got rejected from something I wanted to be a part of, and my feelings are hurt.  This is me having hurt feelings right now.  I might be momentarily angry at the people who rejected me, but I’m going to accomplish great things and I will be more successful than the rejecters, and they will see me being more successful than them and feel like the damned fools that they are. That’s how you strike back at rejecters, put your angry energy into rising high high above them.  See yourself in the future as a giant looking down at them as upon ants, and then forgetting they ever existed.  Kind of like Avril Lavigne’s song Skater Boy.

Getting rejected is part of the normal load of life.  Holding up “unearned acceptance” as the highest value in life short circuits the challenge and boo boos that one gets in life.

I have been highly intelligent all my life, and it’s been both a blessing and a curse.  I was socially awkward all through adolescence, and boys beat me up and girls rejected me.  I was a bullied and beaten incel all through school and in college I was verbally bullied by politically correct liberals.

Boo hoo.  Poor me!  Actually, it made me stronger!

I practice martial arts almost every day because I got beat up very badly many times when I was between 12 and 15 years old.  I hustle for money even though I have no appetite for expensive things because I have been poor and couldn’t accomplish great things I wanted to do for lack of money.  I study physics and calculus because I saw how foreigners dominate STEM in American universities.

The rejected loser is still with me, he’s still part of me and always will be.  But that rejected loser spends every waking hour either studying, physical conditioning, or hustling money.  Honestly, I wish I could pare that down to just studying and physical conditioning because all this money hustling is a waste of my talent, though it is teaching me how to be a more worldly, savvy person.

The LGBTQP+ crowd are hedonists who believe in getting something for nothing. They want to slide through life with no friction, no resistance and suffering and pain and even boredom must be banished with hard drugs.

LGBTQP+ is the short circuiting of normal human life, and it’s because of the monstrously evil ideology of modern liberalism.  Modern liberalism isn’t just a political ideology, it’s a well funded lifestyle.

The master stroke of the globalists was to bribe the baby boomers into betraying their children and destroying the country by creating the a professional class of “paycheck liberals.”. Paycheck liberals don’t have to actually accomplish anything useful, but they must support and rabidly, oppressively enforce political correctness.  They lack self awareness and blindly attack anyone they are told to attack, even the younger generation!  Here’s an example.

Look at that smug face.  She grew up in a 90% white America and was never passed over for a job because of affirmative action.  Life was easy for her, and she is galled by the younger generation objecting  to the multicultural paradise of yummy ethnic restaurants and eager Mexicans mowing her lawn.  Sandy is the textbook “paycheck liberal.”

But her generation has absolutely destroyed the younger generations with liberal permissiveness and female supremacy in the divorce court system and massive non white immigration so they could temporarily puff up their stock portfolios and get cheap services.

These garbage human beings absolutely fucked over the younger generations, and LGBTQP+ is but one manifestation of this social sickness.

Charles Manson called out the older generations neglecting the young way back in 1969, and it’s only gotten worse since then. I will leave you with a theatrical depiction of Charlie’s epic courtroom rant.

The white nationalist movement must pick up the children left on the side of the road that their parents had kicked out and help them to stand up.  We can get back at the liberal baby boomers by focusing all our energies and resources on helping the younger generations grow up strong and capable in the face of the crumbling Idiocracy Dystopia.


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